About us

Founders & Co-Pilots of KAKAO International: Amy, Michelle, Makenzie

Humble Servant

''I discovered Criollo drinking cacao in November 2015. Upon my first sip, I was in love. I immediately felt her blissful effect & began sharing it with my family & friends. When I make this delicious, warming drink for others, I consistently get the question...''where can I get some of this?!" 

Due to the long, complicated ordering process of Guatemalan cacao, I set out to make it simpler. My first trip to Guatemala reinforced my passion for this plant, for the people behind it, and for the need to bring it to the USA in a new way. 

I feel as though my work with cacao is truly a 'calling,' and in that I am incredibly honored & humbled to be the one that is called. KAKAO is a beautiful brand with tremendous impact. And the product itself....well, you'll just have to fly her to know. Xx''

Soul Frequency Officer (SFO)

Michelle is a highly-intuitive, deeply intelligent goddess that we recognize as the most powerful person on the planet at this time. ''As KAKAO's SFO, I make sure that the Soul of the company is completely understood and being communicated consistently. I ensure that every single team member and decision is in integrity and alignment with KAKAO's Soul Purpose.'' 

Michelle also leads our Certified KAALA™ Training Program, a 6 week course that educates & inspires those called to work with KAKAO more intimately. In this program, Michelle teaches what it means to be a Master of Ceremony in order to lead others through the heart-expansive flight that KAKAO invites you to step into. 

Chief Heart-Opener

Amy is a true earth-angel here for an oh-so-big purpose: to assist opening the hearts of others for full connection with themselves, the people in their life, nature, animals, and ultimately the Divine. As the Chief Heart-Opener of KAKAO, she holds space for the continuous invitation into L O V E. 

Amy's core purpose of opening hearts is why she merges in beautiful union with KAKAO herself. KAKAO utilizes Amy's angel heart to share this sacred plant with more people; to connect the plant to retreats, yoga studios, coffee shops, events, couples & more. One conversation with Amy brings light on why KAKAO chose her for this role: their essence is the same - you walk away feeling unconditional compassion, empathy, love, openness & acceptance. 

''Cacao is an extremely powerful plant medicine. So powerful that it is used to open hearts to more love, open minds to more creativity, and open you up to more possibility in your life!

What might be possible if you had more love in YOUR life? More love, like more self-love..more compassion, more acceptance, more forgiveness for self and others? If curiosity replaced judgment? If you first sought to understand than to be understood? 
How could more love in your life change your life? How could more love in your heart shift the world? 

That is what I am most curious about these days! Here is what I know: 'love is always the answer.'  But damn it's hard to feel and be love 24/7 and sometimes we need a little help! 

My personal experience with this amazing cacao began a year or so ago when Makenzie (my niece), a couple friends and I went to Sedona for a girls' weekend of sharing, witnessing, laughing, growing, shedding and transforming. 

Makenzie initiated the weekend with a 'heart opening' cacao ceremony. We were forever changed!! Our hearts were open. Our minds were overflowing with creativity. Our desire to do more good in the world was magnified.

What if EVERYONE started their morning with this sort of mindfulness and intention to open their hearts to more love? What might be possible for the planet?!  

My hope, my prayer, my dream is to open hearts to more love and more grace, to more curiosity and more acceptance, to more ease and more peace, to more mindfulness and more intention. 

KAKAO is here to do just that. She's here to open us up, to bring people together, to spread more love, to open our minds to our own power and brilliance. It is our birthright. The time is now. Come fly. Tap in. Open up. Get real. Love bigger. Fly KAKAO!''