If you would like to experience more connection, self love, creativity and energy, join us in our  Journey Into Your Heart Virtual KAKAO Program led by Amy Marzluff, Michelle Sinnette & Makenzie Marzluff. 

Journey Into Your Heart Virtual Program

Let's be can truly only love someone else to the degree that you love yourself. We believe that it is important to drop into how we can love ourselves deeper and commit to that heart-opened living all year.

Over the past year our family has been drinking and delighting in the sacred cacao plant from Guatemala. We have fallen in love with this sacred drinking chocolate for so many reasons, but mainly because it has opened our hearts as individuals and as a family. It has expanded our creativity, enhanced divine inspiration, and invited us into more Soul-aligned living! We’ve experience more peace within ourselves and patience with others regardless of external circumstances. It has allowed us to integrate and focus. Our dreams are coming true personally and professionally. Life is more intimate. Life is a ceremony and through the commitment of KAKAO ceremony every day we are fully BEing the high vibe invitation our Souls came here to BE.


Join us for a journey into heart-filled, intentional living. Through our Journey Into Your Heart Virtual KAKAO Program we will be bringing you into our family’s intimate daily use of KAKAO.


On this journey you have the opportunity to:

  • Dive deeper into more self-love and self-acceptance
  • Sip, savor and enjoy the deliciousness of daily KAKAO – our beloved sacred and blessed drinking chocolate
  • Maximize the Heart-Opening, Creativity-Inducing, Energy-Enhancing benefits of KAKAO
  • Create your own personal daily ritual to keep you happy, healthy, centered and living in the fullest expression of your beautiful self
  • Be lovingly guided, coached and inspired in creating your heart-centered vision for your personal and professional life
  • Breathe into life your dreams and intentions with focus and clarity
  • Experience all the health benefits of KAKAO as a daily part of your supplement use
  • Discover the power of heart-centered, Soul-aligned living in the new way of doing life, love, and business
  • Be supported, challenged and loved by Amy, Michelle and Makenzie as we hold sacred, powerful space for you and your dreams to come true

We hold weekly, 1-hour group calls inviting you into various areas of your life.

These are intimate calls in which we hope to engage and personally work with some of you on developing your heart centered vision for yourself.


Example Call #1: 

Creating Ceremony, Intention & Your Vision 


Example Call #2:

Nurturing Yourself with Love, Mindfulness & Healthy Living


Example Call #3:

Tap into Your Intuition: Hearing your Higher Guidance for a Life of Ease & Grace


Example Call #4:

Spread Your Glitter: Living a Life of Co-Creation with the Universe using YOUR Unique Gifts


Towards the end of each call, we do a DEEP-DIVE where we will allow Spirit to guide us and speak directly to YOUR heart for your soul's greatest desires & needs

You will have the opportunity to interact in the online community where you can share, meet, and get inspired by fellow KAKAO tribe members. Together we will see and celebrate what KAKAO will create in your life.


We post/offer daily questions, prayers, intentions, mantras and inspirations to consider while you enjoy your daily KAKAO.


Program Investment:  $197**

**Includes 2 canisters of KAKAO sacred drinking chocolate (2 pounds = approx. 24 servings)


Reserve your spot now and get your KAKAO sent to your door! 

We as a family have never been so in love with the limitless possibility of life itself and we can't wait to share it with you. If you are ready. If you feel called. If you know NOW is the time to shift your life...we will see you soon to sip our chocolate prayers into reality.